is the name given to a beautiful, wise and loving intelligence that first communicated through K J Duff in 1984.

Benjamin ... the story

K J Duff describes the channeling as being like “tuning into a radio frequency –and allowing the intelligence that is Benjamin to come through me in somewhat the same way as words or music come through a radio transmitter”.

Another analogy she uses is that of becoming “a musical instrument that is being played”.


From A Dimension Beyond Conventional Human Understanding

“Know that each of you has chosen, from a deep part of your being, to be here in this time and place. The “I AM” is your purpose. Being increasingly present to this life, deepening your conscious presence, is one of the most important responsibilities and joys. Begin by being present to the challenges, the moments of great beauty, your relationships, your loved ones, your work in the world. Find, discover, deepen, sharpen and strengthen purpose – knowing you have chosen. You may not feel a sense of connection to the part of you that has chosen but we can assure you, the connection is there”.