Although each of you is located in a time/space bound body, one of the ways you can best serve is to understand the vastness of consciousness and to truly embrace this understanding of how much more you can experience than anything you see, feel, taste or hear through the physical body. 

When you allow yourself to expand your sense of being from the rooted context of your own body, and allow this to expand to connect with  higher vibrational level, then you increase your impact, and serve with far fuller engagement. 

You can serve through how you do things - accepting that where you are is where you need to BE and SERVE in the embracing of the fullness of this moment, this task, this "showing up". So - even in the planning, even when you are engaged in visualizing the future, and in this manifestation process - you are still fully present, holding the sense of connection into this time/space continuum.  Then you truly begin to serve. You allow the magic, the extraordinary juice of creativity and energy that is not time and space bound, to serve you.