Co-creating, Manifestation and Visioning

We go here to the heart of the matter;  this extraordinarily refined, ever-refining process, where you, as individually incarnated beings who inhabit as fully as you are able, a material body. You who have the full sensory capacity that comes with this. You who are also, at your essence, potency. You are a spark of the Divine, an embodiment of this immensity. 

And the play here is that human consciousness so often cuts itself into fragments. The resulting disconnection is a little like settling for being puddles after the rain, when you could be part of the mighty flow of a great river, or even the sea, where you feel this immense sense of connectivity. 

So dear ones, this is the root or the heart of the manifestation process. Know that it is your task to learn to say, "Yes, I choose these circumstances, I am in this body and I acknowledge this choice in the specific time and place and space that I now inhabit." 

The trick is then to also co-exist with this sense of 'Yes'. You also hold the consciousness of the highest, deepest, widest level to which you are able to expand, the level to which you are willing go, which is the level to which you have undergone deep training to discover. This deep engagement is essential. 

Honing the ability to hold openness allows for transformation and change of consciousness. The more individual consciousness can expand and hold and be expanded, the greater is the process of allowing this personal consciousness to be touched by the vastness that is creation - thus allowing for the beauty of true manifestation which is co-creative. 

It is all that you are engaging in and listening to and being with, this opening at the highest vibrational level that you are able and willing to be with constantly, if you are on an evolving path. The ultimate manifestation is pure love in the field of human consciousness.