Our Sacred Agreement

Your Meeting with Benjamin

You know our core purpose is the awakening of the vibration of love. This extraordinary potency of love, the expanding of the capacity to feel, to hold, to be, to give is the most important, central purpose for our work. It is vital for humanity to breathe and presence the immensity of love that is available. ~ Benjamin

Benjamin’s desire is that their core message expand into our world. By agreeing to meet with Benjamin, you are entering into a relationship of giving and receiving. You will be touched at depth and come away from the conversation changed.

By submitting this document, you agree to these intentions and conditions:

  • I commit to being present for the session for which I am registered
  • I commit to prepare myself energetically, emotionally and spiritually to be fully present
  • I commit to engage fully and freely in my conversation with Benjamin and receive all that is there for me at this time in my life
  • I agree to hold space for others, to be energetically, lovingly present during their conversation so that their experience may be honored, renewing, loving

By submitting this document, you agree to the financial arrangement for the event or personal session for which you are registering.

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