Our Sacred Agreement

Your Meeting with Benjamin

You know our core purpose is the awakening of the heart vibration of love. This extraordinary potency of love, the expanding of the capacity to feel, to hold, to be, to give. And this is the most important, central purpose for our work. And it is also vital for humanity to breathe this quality, to transcend the terrible histories of peoples, of families, of individuals, and to find a way forward which truly embraces and integrates this sense of the enormity of love that is available, presencing this.  ~ Benjamin

Benjamin’s desire is that their core message expand into our world in whatever way possible. By agreeing to meet with Benjamin, you are entering into a multi-dimensional relationship of giving and receiving, one which will further Benjamin’s core message of love so needed in our world. You will be touched at depth and come away from the conversation changed. Benjamin asks that you then bring their message into this dimension as only you can. You are instrumental as part of a chain of love and caring so needed in our world.

By submitting this document, you agree to these intentions and conditions:

  • I commit to being present for the session for which I am registered
  • I commit to prepare myself energetically, emotionally and spiritually to be fully present
  • I commit to engage fully and freely in my conversation with Benjamin and receive all that is there for me at this time in my life
  • I agree to hold space for others, to be energetically, lovingly present during their conversation so that their experience may be honored, renewing, loving

By submitting this document, you agree to these follow-up intentions and conditions:

I agree to take the learning that I experience out into the world in which I live directly and indirectly in any or all of these ways:

  • I will share how this experience has touched me and invite others to have a conversation
  • I will share the impact of my experience in written form with K J MacGregor for use in all forms of publications related to The Benjamin Dimension Trust
  • I will move in my life from a deeper understanding of love as a result and be the vibration of loving energy, the extension and expansion of Benjamin in our world

By submitting this document, you agree to this financial agreement between you and this work:

  • I agree to take the time to be fully present to the gift I have received, to consult my personal financial well-being as well as my heart space to discern how I will financially support this work
  • I agree to gift back to The Benjamin Dimension Trust as I am able in order to support K J’s efforts to further Benjamin’s message in our world (donations are made HERE)

By submitting this document, I agree to participate in the amazing unfolding of greater love and healing in our world.

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