Benjamin’s impact … from Chrissy

Discovering beautiful hidden jewels in me

A week or so after I have met with Benjamin I often smile or sigh to myself. I’ve stopped for a moment to observe the gentle shifts that are taking place in my life, and increasingly more so in the way I perceive these shifts. I realize that I am helped and guided to these moments of clarity by my dear friend Benjamin.

There is a higher perspective in my life: a gentle, loving, non- judgmental and compassionate companion by my side who provides me with teachings so wise, profound, and humorous, that I feel. Removing the blinkers from my eyes. Discovering those beautiful hidden jewels deep inside my being.

Take for example my recent flat move. Some time ago I’d have been devastated at been given 2 weeks notice to leave my beautiful flat and find somewhere else to live. It struck me recently that it was with such ease and grace I was able to accept the situation and not struggle or fight. It simply ‘was.’ And I could just ‘be.’ And that was a relief. I knew I had a choice to flow or resist, and a choice to accept the situation for what it was. I looked back on the good times and gave thanks for the memories, the most recent of them being Benjamin’s last channeling in my flat two days before my move. One final send off?

There were of course moments of fear when I doubted the highest outcome, but they were soon to be followed by a constant reminder of the choice for ‘love’ or ‘fear’ – and followed with laughter. Ill choose love.

Benjamin said recently that if we are to lovingly manifest, then the essence must be pure and wholesome. We must look into its true nature- what is its motivation? If my motivation is loving and wholesome and from the heart then it is only a matter of time before my new flat will manifest itself. Of course, I keep doing what I am doing, making the phone calls, and holding the highest possible outcome and belief that it will come to me. Perhaps it won’t manifest in my own limited linear time frame, but I‘m able to surrender to the divine plan, and flow with life.

And, I’m developing this trust, in myself, and in the universe, that my needs will be met. I know they will be met. I remember Benjamin’s words; breathing love to my heart and grounded in my deepest knowing that all is well. I have a greater resilience for life. I’m surfing the waves and not drowning!

And as I honor my time, and honor the process, I realize that I’m not desperate to ‘get anywhere’ anymore. I can enjoy the journey with full awareness of the power of now, and embrace the magic that being fully present brings.

And there’s the day to day moments when chatting to a stranger in an antique market brings so much joy that it stops time. As I listen to their story I am bought to another place, fully engaged and present, seeing their eyes sparkle and feeling my heart rejoice at this deep genuine connection.

I hold an increasing acceptance of people exactly as they are. Benjamin’s non-judgment and compassion towards me has led the way. It all starts with the self. Self- love and self-compassion. Since I’ve begun to accept myself exactly as I am, I do not feel the need to change others, I can let them be. I think of most new people I meet these days, and I am often in awe of the interesting and unique personalities and what I can learn from them. And, it is always a question of seeking to understand what at first is not understood. And, this is another relief. No more struggle, but greater peace.

My heart is more full with love, and I know this by my capacity to ‘feel’ more in this very place. As I learn to more fully grow that loving spark inside of me no sooner does my heart fill with love I get the urge to give it out to others.

It all comes back to Love. We are created in love, for love. Love is our purpose. Nothing else is real.

It is this extraordinary quality that is central to the message Benjamin brings to us. Their central work is to quicken the vibration of love in its purest form. They are doing it. Their presence is so powerful and transformational and has given London in a short time a higher perspective and wisdom so profound and wise, loving and gentle in its guidance, that it is already transforming lives.

To be in Benjamin’s presence is to be touched by unconditional love. It is limitless, infinite and pure. It is a higher love, expansive and incredible.

To be with Benjamin is to be in a sacred space. It is a time of co- creation whereby every being present contributes and attunes to Benjamin’s energy. Centering on the heart chakra and willingly opening to receive their message as fully as we are able to, we are touched by this beautiful consciousness.

A gift which Kirsty shares so openly with us, London is blessed to have this higher wisdom and loving presence at such an important time of shift in the human experience of 2012. Guided by our dear loving Benjamin we have great comfort that all is well. And, we move forward once more with a greater understanding of our purpose for love.