Bedford’s Experience

Benjamin understands …

First of all, I, again, want to express my profound gratitude for arranging this profound experience with Kirsty and Benjamin.  This experience reminded me of the powerful impact of witnessing David Spangler bring forth John.  The similarities are very real which only lends more validity to both.

Benjamin has a deep appreciation for the human challenge we all face and an even deeper perspective on repairing our human wounds and the best handling of our human experiences for the benefit of our souls.

Certainly, I extend permission for Kirsty to use any or all of my part in my engagement with Benjamin including the use of my name which is, nonetheless, revealed by me in my section of this experience.

I, again, extend my sincerest appreciation to Kirsty for her willingness to go “public” with Benjamin as one her profound gifts to the world.  She is certainly fulfilling a “calling” in the best sense of the world.  Everyone can benefit from a encounter with the Truth presented so impressively.  It’s one thing for any of us humans to cite our sense of Truth with others but bereft of the authority and the authenticity of a disincarnate voice of profound wisdom.  It’s quite another thing to hear that voice in the human dimension and to share of that wisdom experience with others.  Truth becomes more elastic, expansive, adaptive and real.  As I said near the close of the meeting, though I begin sessions such as these with a degree of skepticism I come out with openness, receptivity and acceptance because I’m touched to my depths.

Bedford M.A., Counselor/Therapist, USA