A conversation, October 2016

S: I would like to ask a question that arose this week following the death of my son’s father. And the question, the general question is about the possibility of karmic relationships and whether you have any perspective on reincarnation, the reimbodiment from one life to another for the purpose of working out karmic relationship….

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A conversation with Christine September 2016

C: I finally know that death will apply to me and not just to other people. B: Well done. A profound shift we sense within you with this one. C: Yeah. I think I finally came to a place of realizing this morning, all particles and details and BS aside, I think my greatest wish…

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A conversation with Jeanne from August 2012

B: Good afternoon or good morning. J: Hello Benjamin. B: How are you dear one? J: In the moment you notice I’m a bit shaky when you said hello. B: It is our delight to be with you again. J: Thank you! It’s a privilege to be with you. B: How may we be of…

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When belief wavers or disappears ...

W: Well I do have a question. Last week you mentioned holding us watertight and developing the ability to align to a source of a positive… of energy, a powerful spiritual source to strengthen light and radiance. For me personally I find it difficult to get in touch with this powerful spiritual source. As a…

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