A conversation, October 2016

S: I would like to ask a question that arose this week following the death of my son’s father. And the question, the general question is about the possibility of karmic relationships and whether you have any perspective on reincarnation, the reimbodiment from one life to another for the purpose of working out karmic relationship.

B: Indeed. The question is one that is hugely pertinent to this moment in your family dynamic. The broadened load and you know that individual work of coming into deeper engagement with all of life for the human soul, the expansion, slowly but surely, lifetime by lifetime, into an ever more expanded and ultimately more refined, more unified consciousness to that of the state where there is fully embodied, total integration into that which is the ultimate, the ultimate one, the ultimate font of All. So in the journey, this reembodiment where the individual soul has the opportunity to retune, new conditions, but at all like the apple tree as its apples ripen become full and grow and then shed. And those that fall into the earth gradually rot and reabsorb into the earth and become part of that ecosystem that again feeds the tree and remanifests in individual, specific apples. We’re not sure if this analogy fully works but you get the gist of what we are saying. The new soul is not entirely the same as the individual that embodied in a time/space specific moment but it is, in its essence, the same vibrational field. Can this, is this something you can understand?

S: Yes. In fact that image of the apple tree and the apples and the individuation of apples, but in fact it’s all part of one cycle and one tree, as it were. That really helped me because it depersonalized it. But I get a better feeling for the continuity.

B: So there is continuity in this vibrational essence. And as the tree, the conditions that like the elements that make up the play of the individuation and the recycling back into the greater universality, those are from a limited pool. So the individual, this is where the aptness of your question around this child who is born into the circumstances and this relationship field. So in this relational field, yes there is a vibrational match, if you wish, to the grandmom, but the individuation is different. Does this make sense?

S: Yes.

B: And the lessons, the requirements for growth are unique in many ways to the specifics of the lifetime as well as the larger progression of the soul’s field through time and space or incarnations. So in this lifetime, Annie is here to continue the journey of the previous incarnated manifestation, the vibrational field that was her grandmother’s but she is also seeking different outcomes, if you wish, and is a different time/space part of the continuum. So it is not as simple as the balancing of karma from one lifetime to the next with another soul. So it is not as simple as the grandmother rebalancing the karma with her son in each of their individual incarnations. But what is truth is that they are bound with great intensity and mutual connection. And there is no accident in Annie carrying the vibrational field in its unique manifestation, was born the daughter within. And is holding a set of karmic patterning which will, if you wish, be about, in part, a balancing but in part the growth and the maturation and underpinning it all this deep love. Although it was a very tough incarnation to be relating to for Annie with Paul, know that in the choice to incarnate as his daughter was the deepest of love and this sense of attuning. So it is less black and white than your friend suggested dear one, but there is indeed the underpinning meaning, the underpinning profound attraction through love of souls who choose to play out incarnation after incarnation together.

S: Yes, thank you. And as you were speaking I also understood how influential at a soul level this relationship of the generations is now for my own son, for Gary. And this is so much part of his soul’s growth. Yes, I understand that interconnection better.

B: He has the opportunity for deep healing in this, in a sense, father/brother relationship which is to do with forgiving the father as well as embracing the sense of, “This is mine to do” that unquestioning knowing of and stepping up to the responsibility. He is doing very well, dear one. This is, indeed, powerful growth and positive growth.

S: Yes, thank you. Thank you.

B: How are you feeling about Annie, dear one?

S: I’m only concerned about her long term mental health, really. I think she’s doing very well at the moment. I think that it seems to be quite miraculous the way they have integrated her into the family and the way she is making such efforts in herself. But I do understand that she must be very damaged and I just pray that she can overcome that and feel loved.

B: She will.

S: If you say that then I believe that.

B: There is a journey but she will.

S: That’s wonderful. Thank you very much Benjamin, thank you.

B: How are you dear one?

S: I’m fine.

B: Truly.

S: Yes, I think I am doing, doing pretty well. And feeling, as we mentioned earlier in our conversation with Kirsty, feeling change is happening all the while. I feel quite, at the moment, comfortable with that and happy.

B: Good change.

S: That’s what we want.

B: Dear one, it is very good you are where you are. You hold this grounded presence in the earth around you. You are nurturing your heart through the love of your little family – your little puppy, your beautiful husband, and the sense of the growing family. And the fact that your sister is also going through positive change, your parents are settling, this is the time for you to savor and to appreciate the preciousness of this time.

S: Yes. I am doing that, I am. I am actually doing that every day.

B: That is a gift dear one to all, not just to yourself. You know that.

S: Well, I supposed I do sometimes struggle a little with feeling this must be too self-centered.

B: Know that happiness is radiating out, grounded, held, happiness, well-being is vibrational radiating out. And if you with, and you’re not already doing so, then take moments to really allow that sense of radiating out from your heart, from this place of well-being and happiness and sending out like the pebble dropped into the water, the ripples, the circular ripples, out, out into the vibrational field of consciousness. That then dear one, allows what is within you to feed what is out there even more potently.

S: Thank you very much for that. Thank you. I will.

B: Good.