A conversation with Christine September 2016

C: I finally know that death will apply to me and not just to other people.

B: Well done. A profound shift we sense within you with this one.

C: Yeah. I think I finally came to a place of realizing this morning, all particles and details and BS aside, I think my greatest wish is to find peace with myself and with my past. I had this wrong idea that when I moved here I’d take a couple of months to rest and then clarity would appear and I’d be off and running. Nine months later I’m really just beginning and I, I’m asking all the big, existential questions about what is the meaning of life and why am I here and what happens next. I do need to go forward, I do want to restart my business in a different way. I don’t even know how to ask the question. I need a question to share wisdom.

B: Of course, dear one, we hear many things in this question. The most essential, though, Christine, is to trust that something deeper than your conscious mind took you to where you are now. Can you accept this? You thought you were deciding.

C: [laughter] Yeah.

B: How about that for a perspective shift?

C: I know my body feels that one.

B: So dear one, the first thing is to say, “You are in tune. There is a depth of life force flowing through you that is not, it’s so much vaster than the conscious mind is aware of.” So how you recognize when it is working, is things happen. So you are where you are as part of this great stream of your life. So we say to you, first of all, there is meaning in where you are now. There is meaning in the movement and the choice you have made even if it is not fully conscious, even if it is not something that you will ever fully grasp in your conscious mind. So what we say to you is, start with exactly where you are starting. Here I am right now. I have a finite experience as Christine in this body, in this time/space continuum. This doesn’t mean there won’t be others. Watch out! What you need to know dear one is whether there are others or not, that is not the question for now. The question for now is the one you are asking which is perfect. Here I am taking an honest, deep look. Assessment of who and where I am now and from that we invite you to play as you do so well dear one! To say to yourself, what would the garden of my life look like if I were designing it? And then move into design mode. Dear one, we feel, first of all though, do you acknowledge the truth which is, “You are Christine. Where you are right now in your life is for a reason.”?

C: That makes the most sense of anything I have said to myself or written down in the last few months.

B: And what is your response truthfully in your whole being? Can you feel this Christine?

C: That I’m here right now for a reason, you mean?

B: Go deeper in your sensing because the reason is something we have been talking about in this whole session. It is not at the level of the mind you need to sense this. It is at the level of actuality, truth. So the whole vibrational field of your system acknowledges, “I am here, now. This has meaning. The choices I have made have been for a meaning, a particular reason, that in a state of humility I can acknowledge I don’t understand but I can accept. My life is intelligent and has meaning. My life force is intelligent and provides meaning. Who I am is far greater than my conscious self knows. And all of this is feeding into the deep meaning.” Can you sit with us in this moment, Christine, and allow yourself to feel this?

C: Yes.

B: Even the phone is celebrating!

C: It still breaks me up that my computer acts like a telephone.

B: It’s dancing a jig for you dear one. But this is the level you need to go to, Christine, which is of the deepest humility. This is something which is about sensing. It is about a knowing that is beyond mind, an understanding which is beyond mind.

C: I get very impatient with meditation but …

B: Your form of meditation may not be everyone’s form of meditation. How are you with walking in the wilderness or on mountains or any form of movement?

C: Oh I like that. That’s a topic to ponder. It feels like a good place to be, a good way to be with it instead of this kind of themeless hoping that something will descend on me.

B: Something just did.

C: Oh thank you. I always appreciate your wisdom. And if you could see the raised bed in my back yard that I just worked on, you would… Obviously you have. I find it very interesting that you would refer to my life as a garden.

B: So hold that image, dear one. Know that for you, gardening, relating to nature, seeing extraordinary sunsets for instance, all of those things feed your sense of the vastness of this deeper knowing that is going beyond the small Christine into a sense of “Ah, I am connected.” Yes, you are connected to this great depth that is the truth of who you are.

C: Thank you.

B: Our love and our blessing and our smiles go with you.

C: Thank you and much love and appreciation to you.