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Benjamin on the Millenial Generation

This BIG Issue conversation is the second in a series of themed group conversations. Our intention is to ask Benjamin for wisdom and guidance around issues which impact our world today. These conversations are open to everyone. To learn of upcoming conversations and register to participate, click HERE.

On September 22, 2016, we began with this question:

J: We’d like to start with a topic that actually grew out of a very rich connection among some women from multiple generations. What we noticed was, as the younger women of the millennial generation shared of their passion, their worldview, the challenges they experience, shared with us baby boomers, it really became clear that we live in different worlds. We decided we’d love to ask you to speak to the younger adults of today’s world, the 20 to 35 or so year olds who fear for the planet, who want to create a sustainable way of living for humanity, people who crave social justice in an unjust world, who are bombarded by the media and technology. They really grew up with a world view that is truly the whole planet because of the Internet. They fear for health, for themselves, their children, given food sources that are pretty unnatural. How do they discern how to spend their precious life energy? How do they choose when everything seems to need attention? And how do we support them?

B: These are very critical questions. And the fundamental question is the most important: How do we/you support this generation for whom there is so much opportunity that it becomes almost a threat to opportunity. It almost, if you wish, creates a system of overload, overwhelm. So we begin with this question: How can we best support? and then move into the sensing. Because dear ones, it must be sensed, imaginative to try to understand, enter into, and empathize deeply with what it must be to be born in a time which, like all times, every generation has its, if you wish, its strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities. This generation, we would ask you first of all, to dwell upon what it is that they need. They have access to all information, or huge amounts of information. They have access to a form of connection which is, if you wish, connection at a very mainly limited, very limited level when it is on-line through Internet. And you think about what is the need. The need for these young people. We’re going to ask you first because we know, we wish to rather than speak at you this time, to draw in this sense of “we are dialoguing”. You, too, have deep wisdom. We are asking you to deeply reach in to your sensing of what is the need. How can we support? And allow yourselves to imagine specifically, members of this generation that you know. For many of you, it is your own children. So tell us first and then we will build upon.

S: This is Sheila.

B: Good day to you, dear Sheila. It is our joy to meet with you.

S: Thank you. My question is about a reflection of something I’ve watched in my son’s life. And I’ve just been observing and sensing it as you say and that is that he is autistic so his communication isn’t great. So when all of the Internet and all of this connectedness began it was the biggest gift that he had ever received because he doesn’t speak very well. Like it’s hard for him to formulate his conversations. So he was able to think and type it. In the beginning it opened up so much in his life that I thought it was the best thing that could ever happen to anybody with disabilities. And now, years later, we’re really struggling because his depression is very connected to social media. Because now instead of seeing it as a gift of being able to communicate, he’s overwhelmed with how much better everyone else’s lives are that he can’t put his phone down from watching other people’s Facebook lives. So I’m concerned that, I’m wondering, I see his need as the question you asked. His need being, his need was met so much more by all of this connectedness. And now it’s very negative. So I’m not sure what to do with that.

B: So his need is affirmation, profound understanding of the value of the preciousness of each individual and of himself as an extraordinary manifestation of life, of being, of profoundly mysterious result, if you wish, of a long, long evolution extending back through millennia, through eons. He is part of this exquisite unfolding. And his need is to know that he is part of something so astonishing as a human being that there is no need for any kind of comparison. So dear one, you as his parent, can hold with powerful intensity, this depth of connected to him from the sense of the miracle, the miracle of who he is. And building strategy to help him truly engage with his sensing of the miracle of each life. The Facebook phenomenon which is mask to so many levels of depression in so many young people, as they hold up only one small part of a rich diamond of life which includes sadness, sorrow, frustration, depression. All of this. So the deepest need in this generation is to reach into their roots to what is more important, what comes before, what comes through the depth, almost the sounding of the Universe. You can play with sound with your son. Does he respond to vibrational sound like the OM vibration? Powerful sounding …

S: I haven’t tried doing all with him, but he has had sound therapy. And yes I do think sound is helpful. We’re trying to do that – have him wake up to classical music or Mozart. So that’s something we are trying.

B: Even something more singular. You know those aboriginal horns, the long, the ones that sound, like a “awwwwwwoooooommmmmmmm”. Those sounds that are the sounds of universal oneness. Jeanne will be able to help you. But we want you to reach into the primordial with him. So not only through sound, but sound is one root way in. So it’s reaching into that which is of essence, that is of “before”, if this makes sense, before complexity. This generation has the tendency to cut off from the rootedness, from the connection to powerful Earth energy. Does your son spend much time in nature? We understand how difficult this much be for you or for you to create with him.

S: Yes. He spends a lot of time in nature going on hikes. And he works in my garden and that is very helpful. I also wanted to say that is really rings true to me, the primordial part. And also the sound that you made. It was a “Yes!” inside me that I need to work on either getting a didjeridu for him to play himself or to get some of that music …

B: Good. Playing himself if he will, wishes to, will be very powerful because the vibration will penetrate his system even more. Because dear one, rather than tackling at the level of the problem, we say to you, go much deeper. Does this make sense to you?

S: Yes. Thank you so much.

B: And we say to you, this is not just for your son. This is for a generation that has, in a sense, been overwhelmed by chatter, overwhelmed by buzz, and needs to compliment and balance. In coming generations this will be developed, to filter existence, but because of the degree and the lack of understanding of the impact this generation has experienced, it is almost like a flood. They have almost had a kind of burnout of certain aspects of their systems. So dear one, is it possible for you to invite periods of time and gently extend them when he is not with any electronic medium? When he hikes, do you say, “We’re all going phoneless?” And it is not just your son who will find this challenging.

S: That’s a great idea. I do think he brings his phone but we take him places where there is no connection.

B: Good. Good. And what is your sensing of this when he is without connection?

S: My sense is he is a little panicked.

B: Mmm. Cold turkey.

J: Yes. It is a little panicky for him. Right now we’re trying not to look at the phone until 9:00 in the morning. So not to start his day with that feeling of looking at other people, what I call it, I keep saying, “You’re not in your life when you’re observing others’ lives.” I like the idea of working on that, the phonelessness on hikes or when you go out in the garden, not to have it with you.

B: Good. And whole family. Create a culture where this is something you all do if you can for the sake of your son all of you can take an hour or two out and then extend it for periods of half a day. You will all benefit profoundly.

S: That’s a great idea. Thank you.

B: Our love and blessings are very much with you dear Sheila. And keep this sense of sensing, all system sensing of your son. So for you it becomes a practice as well that deepens your sensitivity, your, if you like, ability to provide a holistic ground within yourself where you are sensing a whole field that is all that is there to be sensed and felt including your son. It is a form of a deep, meditative holding space, sensing space. Dijeridu practice might be good for you too! Good. So yes, let us widen the conversation.

S: This is Sarah. I have a question. So same topic around race relations. I notice similarly being on Facebook, seeing a lot of the stuff that’s happening, police killing black people, the Black Lives Matter movement. This is something I’m sensitive to. I envision a world
that’s socially just. I was listening to Abraham Hicks recently talking a bit about this topic and it relates to being in the suffering of it. It was said that that’s not helpful. That we need to hold the frequency of the solution. And my question is around like my own personal responsibility to the whole as well as to myself and holding the frequency of my highest and best. The specific question I have is that I’ve been interested in having dreadlocks in my hair for 25 years and last year I finally began that process. I’m struggling with the idea of cultural appropriate and adding to the pain of a group of people and how to balance that with my own full expression but not doing harm.

B: So dear one, we are going to invite you now to put your hands on your heart, to ground very powerfully into your feet. You can all do this. To take some deep breaths. And we are going to invite you dear one to really allow yourself to feel as if your back was against a tree right now, a marvelous sequoia tree or a tree, whatever it is, that you feel connection with. Keep taking deep breaths. Keep allowing this sense of connection. How are you doing?

S: Good. I’m getting there.

B: Good. Now, keep breathing deeply. Keep feeling the power of the mighty tree that has been there for hundreds of years. Can you feel that?

S: Mmm Hmm.

B: Now when you say to the tree, feeling it, sensing it, “How is it if I have some dreadlocks?”, What is the tree going to respond to you? Can you feel a sensing in yourself? Get out of your head, Sarah. Get into your body. Whole spine against the tree. Feel your sensing. Don’t ask the question then. Imagine yourself with dreadlocks. As you feel the support of this great tree which has seen the millennia come and go, has seen hundreds of years of existence, feel its support. Imagine yourself with dreadlocks. How are you feeling?

S: The sense I get is, if the tree has shoulders it would shrug them.

B: Exactly! It’s saying, don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Enjoy life, dear one. Let us invite you to love your dreadlocks. Can you do that now? Feel yourself with dreadlocks. You will look astonishingly good with them, won’t you? Do you still want them?

S: Do I want them? Yes. I notice a feeling of guilt or selfishness.

B: This is what is the feeling that is the one to offer up now. So feeling this feeling of guilt and selfishness dear one and allow yourself to feel the higher energies with you now: great compassion, great love. Can you feel that?

S: Mmm hmmm.

B: So now dear one, can you release this feeling of guilt, selfishness, and know yourself as a sweet, innocent being? Can you feel yourself connecting to the highest vibration of life in this moment? We are with you dear Sarah. We hold you. We see and feel the exquisite beauty of your being. And we invite you to surrender, to forgive, and to love all that you are in this moment. Feel the love of the group around you, holding you. How are you doing, dear one?

S: I’m feeling, I’m just noticing how I don’t allow myself to feel that very often. I stop myself from feeling that. And the devastation of that.

B: How are you dear one?

S: I’m great.

B: So, how do you feel about dreadlocks now? What we wish to say to you, dear one, is if your dreadlocks are an expression of your truth and joy, if you have wished to have them for a long time, then that is what you should listen to.

S: I hear that and I feel that. And I’m noticing the prevalence of the theme of caring so much for what others think and say and bringing my energy to match other people where theirs is at.

B: So as Abraham Hicks said, “Begin to resonate to the higher energies of Love”. Begin to move yourself dear one somewhere in your past from a play many, many, many times you have experienced, been told you’re a bad girl, or some forms of judgment, have you not?

S: Yes.

B: So you already have a very powerful intellect, hugely able. And what has happened is it has taken charge, has it not?

S: Yes.

B: So we need to reach for balance in your system. We need to ask your, you need to now pay attention consciously awakening much more powerfully, balancing aspects in your system. Do you understand? So when, and you need strategies because ultimately, dear one, what is it that you would like in your life?

S: Hmm, more expression, more joy, more enjoyment of creating less of the obligation of what I should or need to or think I need to do.

B: Indeed. And that wish of yours is the quickening of the life force within you, is it not? That is the part of you that is saying yes to life. So dear one, we don’t have a great deal of time with you today, but what we wish to say to you because you asked this question about how to respond when you see images of suffering and then how to find balance, way forward in terms of your own wishes and choices when you are so subtly aware of the complexities. So we say to you, there is a system, there are many, this is a holistic approach we are seeking with you. But you must begin by prioritizing the heart, the sensing of this sweetness of innocence within, before the judgments came. And affirming yourself. And we will talk with you at more length in the future. But can you, as a first step, let us know what you’re going to do about the dreadlocks?

S: Yes, thank you. Thank you so much. I’m going to keep them.

B: Good, good, good. Can we ask those around the circle their sensing of this? How do you feel about Sarah keeping her dreadlocks?

J: Can the smile be any wider?

B: Any of you tempted to follow her?

J: Yeah not so much, not my calling.

B: Dear one, remember the shrugging of the shoulders of the great mighty tree. Can you feel that sense you have?

S: Yeah.

B: So enjoy your dreadlocks. It is, in the great scheme, it is a ripple of creativity. And what is most important is your intention. Your sweetness and purity that lies behind the action. Can you acknowledge this?

S: Yes, thank you.

B: Good. So what we take from this in relation to the millennials, dear ones, because this experience of witnessing things that are disturbing, things that make them feel the injustice of the world, make them angry, make them sad, make them feel helpless or make them feel they need to mobilize. As you have just witnessed with Sarah, the thing is to hold, as the elders, the sense of great context, to reach into your deeper wisdom, to anchor into life that is lived through eons, those expressions that are ancient and have seen so much, those sound vibrations that are off the primordial that speak to you of that which is working at a much vaster dimension, that is of a truth that is higher, greater, deeper and that provides a contextualization for the, if you like, the overload and the overwhelm because in many ways the experience of being a human being has always been full of this range of experience, the violence, the beauty, the love, the hatred, the multifacetedness, the expression in this generation is unique. And as the elders have always held the wisdom, have held the sensing of something that is longer term, hold that in yourselves and then hold it at a, in a sense, find ways to hold it out to the younger generation.

July 29, 2016 Benjamin on Humanity’s Fragmentation

This BIG Issue conversation is the first in a series of themed group conversations. Our intention is to ask Benjamin for wisdom and guidance around issues which impact our world today. These conversations are open to everyone. To learn of upcoming conversations and register to participate, click HERE.

On July 29, 2016, we began with this question:

“How does humanity unify when there is deep fragmentation and polarization? What is happening in human consciousness at this time? And what can we do, individually and collectively to be of service to humankind, unification, wholeness?”

B: This is a very true question. It is one of the central questions of this age. The question of how an individual can meet the challenges of the deeply divided, fragmented world which is, at the same time, unifying with increasing speed in the technical sense. And how fundamentally, at the deepest level, all consciousness is already fully, wholly, connected. So, the starting point must be this sense of humility, this sense of gentle probing into the nature of one’s own being… deepening that sense of full connection because within one’s own being, the mystery of all being can be revealed. Consciousness can Through your individual consciousness you can access full expansion to the whole of who you are and what you are, and experience the embrace of being part of the whole movement of consciousness. So one begins where one ends in terms of lifetime, in terms of this current time. So, bearing in mind that as consciousness enters into each unique intelligence, the unique manifestation that is in your case, the human manifestation, it embodies, like a hologram, the full expression of the whole.

You speak of the explosion of fragmentation, the deep division, that is manifesting in this time. You are in some senses the victims of your media channels – so your perception is shaped to some extent by the channels of communication to you. You are all aware of this, are you not? So, in truth, this age is not exceptionally fragmented. If you are looking from the perception of wholeness through time, through eons, and even through human history and legacy, this time is one which holds much that is of the good, much that holds a greater sense of accountability, a greater sense of enforcement of better behavior and encouragement of the good. So we just wish to give a comment on this unique moment.

The challenge is to see that although there are atrocities, there are terrible things happening in this world, and the climate is shifting, there are also massive movements that are positive. There is a level of transparency that is unique to this time. And there is a degree of individual autonomy that is also growing and unique to this time. So dear ones, take hope in addressing that which is deeply divided. You are called upon to listen intently within, to develop this sensing of what is true for you and where your calling is in terms of response. Because, remember you are part of the holistic system that has the capacity to act with a far greater intelligence than any individual. Remember also that your access point to this is through the still small voice within, through listening deeply to your intuition, through feeling in your whole selves what rings true for you as you discern and as you grow more fully in your consciousness. Know also that you each manifest part of the whole. So as you live in your truth, in your power, and in your integrity, and as you affirm that which is full of the choice for good, so you impact more and more powerfully the whole as it manifests in this time, this place. Does this make sense to you dear ones?

Do you have any questions in terms of developing this exploration or any comments?

L: I do have one comment. This is Lorna. Hello Benjamin.

Hello dear one.

L: So we could really look at this as an era of tremendous opportunity because it appears to me that we could look at our media as doing a huge disservice or you can actually look at it as really allowing us to access the shadow side of humanity in a very profound way. And from that perspective, there is this huge opportunity for healing at the same time as there is if we sort of move into fear, a huge opportunity for distraction. So it’s like a double-edged sword. Is that really what you’re saying to us?

B: Indeed, dear one. You’re moving this exploration forward. We were speaking to the question which was about the sense so many have of living in a deeply fragmented, divided era. But indeed, also, as you are drawing our attention to and developing what we were saying, this time of perception of the shadow also brings with it the opportunity for sending forth healing vibration in ways that are unique to an age which allows for mass communication. As you develop the power and the vibration of the good, this can be channeled forth through the physical means of our contemporary media as well as through the vibrational fields that are present always. So, yes, deep acknowledgment of humanity’s shadow -and not just humanity’s shadow … consciousness’s shadow. Consciousness that is the embodiment of all, that is the all inclusive, all knowing, all aware consciousness that is, in the depths of its wisdom, allowing full expression of that which is of the dark and which is offering the opportunity for transformation and profound growth at the level of the individual, the group, the society and also at the level of all sentient beings. Through the ages as well.

As you operate in this time frame, you know that you are shaping the future, are you not? And you are also dialoguing back to the past. So, this is a time to see where fear arises, to acknowledge it, and to turn oneself with powerful intentionality deep courage and deep knowing that at the very fundament of being all is well. Building on that deep knowledge there is much work to do. Human beings, dear ones, are only allowed short holidays if they are to truly use their time. We are in favor of deep playfulness whilst at work. But as you are all called to be warriors in many ways at this time, you are leaders as well. So you have responsibility.

In response to this question; finding unity, and embodying it, know that the fragmentation does need attention but it is at a lesser level than the deep truth of unity. Start always from the sense of truly embodying body, mind, spirit, heart, intelligence, the sense of the whole and then move forward into the work that is yours to do on the levels of yourself as an individual.

B: Does this make sense to you all?


B: Stewart does this make sense to you?

S: It does. Thank you very much for sharing.

B: You, dear Stewart, are a true warrior in this time. You have much to achieve.

S: Do you have any, principles or thoughts in terms of this time that I should keep in mind?

B: We would counsel you to maintain the sense of connecting to the deepest part of who you are, finding ways to access this. Because then the power that is available can flow through you. Already it is flowing through but there is far more potential for you. So our counsel would be for you to see where you are drawn in terms of finding ways to open, deepen and allow your consciousness to access the mystery of being.

S: Thank you, Benjamin. Thank you for answering my question. I’ll defer back to Jeanne. I appreciate your counsel.

B: Our love and blessings are very much with you dear one.

J: Are there any more questions out there adding in to what we’ve heard so far?

SH: Hello, Benjamin, it’s Shari. I have a question that I think follows on what you’ve been saying and it’s regarding the level of fear that is prevalent, quite naturally at the moment with a lot of uncertainty in our society and, as you say, because of everything that we know about what’s happening globally, the suffering. I think I understand everything you’ve been saying about our unity and to concentrate on that ourselves. My question is, “Does it matter, should it concern us, that the levels of consciousness and awareness seem sometimes so unapparent to individuals themselves? And would you say that consciousness itself is just moving through us as one, as well as as individuals? Is it our business at all whether other people around us are conscious, are aware of their own levels of fear or are acting out of fear? Should we worry about that?

B: You are a gardener, are you not, dear Shari? So when you are looking at your garden, what do you do if you see a plant that needs attention?
SH: It varies. Sometimes you feed it. Sometimes you cut it back. Sometimes you are quite ruthless and pull it out. But I don’t think that applies, does it?

B: You could try transplanting it. So dear one, the reason we use this analogy is that yes, each human being as they awaken more, holds a deep sense of responsibility and, at the same time, not responsibility. So you will see this with some of the great spiritual beings working in your time. The Dalai Lama, Amma, Mother Meera and many, many more. At the same time as they are embodying joyousness, they are working, working, working. They are addressing the suffering. They are saying “wake up”. And they can be what appears to be ruthless in their shaking of people. But they are moving from the place of extraordinary compassion and love that transcends the understanding of those whose consciousness has hardly begun to open or is operating at very dark levels. So dear one, it’s about being a skillful gardener. Sometimes there are things that you cannot do or that are not in your garden. It’s your neighbor’s garden and you will cause a world war between the properties if you interfere. But when something is within your garden, we use the metaphor again, when you know and feel in your being, “yes this is part of mine to do. I can take responsibility here”. Then you listen within your heart, you discern within your higher intelligence, and you take action as you feel is appropriate.

As consciousness expands and develops you will see some are working at the level of all being, all consciousness, such as Mother Meera who you have been close to. You see how she works between the worlds of being. It is beyond the capacity of those who are within fully embodied human consciousness to grasp. But as your consciousness expands, know you are more powerful, more impactful. And these levels of fear, the best thing you can do is be calm, holding the heart-centered, deep presencing of the understanding that at its deepest level all is well. And you are here to grow, you are here to contribute. And you are here to find ever deepening levels of consciousness. And in each of your cases to be more and more potent expressions of the light.

SH: Thank you, Benjamin, thank you.

B: Did that address your question, dear one, or have you more to say?

SH: No, no, that was perfect. Thank you.

J: Ah Benjamin, we will need to draw this to a close in our earthly time constraints. But I’ve heard positive, I’ve heard hope. I’ve heard move through our individual fears and be that which we are able to embrace as consciousness and as truth. I take that as a personal challenge and opportunity for impact.

B: J: So dear one, when you feel fear, feel it, and then bring it up to a level where it dissipates. Take it up through your energy system. Step by step until you feel it dissolve and you feel the sense of “all is well”, until your heart and your higher connection becomes so strong that there is no fear. There is only grace, surrender, and intelligent moving into action or into being, as appropriate.

J: Thank you.

B: This is for Kirsty as well.

Sh: I think it’s for all of us.

J: We hear and we receive. Benjamin, thank you.

B: It has been our joy and our delight. And know our love and blessings are truly with you.

J: Truly felt. Will you sit with us for just a moment …