“ Our central concern is to deeply quicken the vibration of love in its most absolute sense

so that you can feel the extraordinary opening it allows and its uplifting, transformational power. Love is this vast all embracing beauty and joy. Ultimately it is the most precious experience that human beings can have. We are also very happy to involve ourselves wherever we can be of service at this time of great urgency and change.”


I grew up on a farm in Scotland, one of six children. My father was a businessman and my mother ran the farm. My interest in yoga developed in my early teens – and when I went to Edinburgh University I immediately began to explore all sorts of “alternative” teachings alongside my formal studies in Philosophy and English Literature. I was told about my capacity for mediumship at this time by a famous Scottish healer Major Bruce MacMannaway – but was very nervous of such things.

It was a couple of years later, in 1984, when I was teaching at the Krishnamurti international school, Brockwood Park, that my channeling capacity really opened up. Whilst meditating in the lovely wood paneled school library I became aware of a beautiful being of white light who said his name was Benjamin. He explained that he was part of a council of beings from a dimension where consciousness is not individuated in the way it is on our earthly dimension.

I kept this connection private over decades – channeling for people from time to time. With the strong support and encouragement of my three adult children, I now feel that the time has come to step up to this work. As my son says, “if you have a gift you should use it”.

I made two decisions at the beginning of this work. Firstly I would only channel the very high vibration of Benjamin and secondly I would not be a trance medium but would “go to one side” and become like a musical instrument that is being played.

The response to Benjamin has been extraordinary – and I feel very privileged to participate in this work.

K J Duff (MA MBA DipEd)

"Our impact is to strongly support and strengthen the inner system of the individuals we interact with. Their energy centers will receive strengthening and healing, their ability to hold the vibrations of light will develop and certain changes will happen in their systems and in their lives as a result ...